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She entered the cigar bar, standing as straight as she could. Slouching hurt too much. Besides, a less formal posture would ruin the lines of the gown. Father was there, as well as Aidan. Gideon was seated next to Aidan, and the topic of conversation was about the quality of new Kindred based on the quality of available specimens to embrace. A few comments were made that would have made her extremely happy were it not for the hole in her side.

Since she had arrived late, there was no available seating. The pain was making it difficult to stand, but there were no other options. She was too slow to take any chairs which were vacated for almost an hour, and it would become obvious to all that she was injured were she to ask for a seat. No one offered her one.
The Clothes Make The Woman )
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She had expected danger and expected to serve as a distraction. She did not expect to find a hidden bastion of a centuries-old genocide.

She had deliberately put herself in a position to be a provocateur to whatever manner of being resided in the church. When she heard Pawel interviewing the creature who styled herself "This One," and the creature began talking in circles, she decided to intervene. In order to learn as much as possible about an adversary, it is necessary to provoke as many different responses as possible. This was why she entered the Lancea cathedral in the form of a bat.

Instantly, This One began screaming about filthy Indians, and how they were not welcome in the cathedral, in the city or anywhere except on the business end of her hammer. After a near-miss with the bloody tool, Kaoniki reflexively shifted into her incorporeal form. This One was still howling about filthy Indians and how she thought they were all dead. Kaoniki decided to rattle her a bit, coalescing around the Nosferatu's head. She had no idea This One was carrying fire.
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May. 16th, 2005 02:16 pm
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Jeez, it's like Ki has a tattoo on her forehead that says "convert me" or something...


Apr. 21st, 2005 12:23 pm
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She opened the envelope, almost sure it would be a missive of regrets and not a statement of acceptance.

She was right. There was something, some word in another language that she did not recognize. Kaoniki went to the computer, opened a window, typed in the word and "language," then clicked the first link the search provided.
Man Oh Man... )

She transferred her gaze several times from the screen to the letter )
and then proceeded to laugh so hard that the chair she was perched on rolled away from the desk, tipped over, and deposited the still giggling vampire onto the floor in the middle of the room.
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He seated himself.
"Please sit down."
"But I do not need to..." He interrupted her.
"Please. It would be easier. For me." She folded herself into the chair beside his, not because she wanted or needed to, but because he was her friend. And she his.Read more... )
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He was in the hallway and he was alone. She approached him intending to make small talk, perhaps ask him what he thought of the numbers present this evening. A pallid face appeared from a doorway, Nona, a friend of Thaddeus she believed. She caught the man's eye with a glance, "are you coming to the meeting or not?"
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"But why wouldn't you wish to be Prince of the New City of York?"
"Because I want to make a difference."
"But being Prince...wouldn't that be a position in which you could do that?"
"It could, but not the way I want to change things."
"How would you change things that would be...hindered by your being Prince?"
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No matter how she tried her eyes rested on him. It wasn't that there were no other places to gaze. There was a man with a leashed lioness, three giants, four other natives, and plenty of other distractions. In Boston it had been much easier to find something else to look at, why not here? With anxiety rising in her like bile had once risen a young mortal throat post-peyote, she began to recognizetime was aggravating this stifled emotion, that spring thaw was always a time of flood.
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All through the ride, she tries to turn her eyes on something else inside the automobile. She looks at her father, her son, her Prince. She senses Luther behind her and thinks "would that I had your fortitude of spirit." She draws the strength to maintain her outward calm from the knowledge that Luther Fried is seated just behind her, a fallen angel on her shoulder.
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A Story

Feb. 8th, 2005 01:45 pm
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My people, before they all were killed had many legends. I will relate one now, a story from the end of their time. It is one I had forgotten, until now. See, if you will, an old woman beside a fire. An old woman speaking these words because there are no old men anymore, there are no men but the ones missing limbs or dying of a disease started by gunshot or flesh torn in battle. The old woman speaks to the frightened children. Many of them are orphans, all of them wonder which camp's fire is next to be extinguished.

Leguas(dream) of the Chijinonon(little mother) )
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Perhaps I will write about them someday. Kuai to you, whoever you are. That is hello in the language of my people. It is an irony that my people, Wabanaki, are the people of the dawn. I am one who walks nib8iwi, in the night.

Once I did a great many things. Important then, but looking back after 250 years of sleep the movement is gone from my heart. Even when I lost nasawan and became what I am this tebokw-thing, I still fought for the dawn people. Never with my body, this form of a kchi (we do not call woman "squaw", that is an insulting, much like Americans would call woman "cunt".), kchi fight with marraige, with wit, with creation, like asban (pole-cat or racoon to you).

These things all, I did. Now I do not know why. Later, I will tell all of what I did and how. Maybe n-mjejakwm my soul will awaken. Maybe not.


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