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This is what the ventrilo would have sounded like if the Death Bear encounter at the Dig Site had been a WoW dungeon...

Obviously Carissa is our raid leader, but things go horribly wrong...

Carissa: Ok, Darwin, you misdirect the boss to Kaoniki, Ok?

Darwin: Sure thing. MD to the tank, gotcha.

Carissa: Julius, the melee DPS should get behind the boss.

Julius: Dude, I can tank this. Stayin in front.

Christine: Shut up and listen to the raid leader, OMG.

Carissa: No you can't, you're a Rogue. Go back-stab something. Let's buff up.

Julius: Aww, shoulda leveled a Pally...

Kaoniki: Donovan, WTF, I don't need an Int boost, I'm a Death Knight.

Donovan: Sorry, you said buff up...it buffs everyone.

Julius: Just pull already, geez!

Darwin: OK. MD going now.

Donovan: Hey, I never had this buff before...

Kaoniki: Onoes!

Julius: LOL Huntards.

Christine: OMG...

Donovan: Holy shit! The boss one-shotted me!

Carissa: Darwin, why did you MD to the Mage?

Darwin: Oh crap, sorry. I think my F4 key is busted...

Christine: Sorry guys, dropping group. Gotta go...um, make a sandwich...or something...

Kaoniki: Julius, GTFO! I'm trying to tank!

Carissa: Darwin, try MD again.

Julius: Holy shit! The boss almost one-shotted me!

Darwin: Oops. Guess my F3 key is busted too.

Kaoniki: He resisted the fear on my D&D...and my taunt...

Darwin: Um...guys? I have aggro...

Kaoniki: Feign Death, Darwin! Feign Death!!!!11!!1!!one!1!!!!

Carissa: Just. Just get in the car. We're wiping. Bring the Mage and just get in the car.

Darwin: FD on cooldown...sorry guys...can't make it to the car.

Julius: Heh. Topped the DPS charts.
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