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The Archbishop woke that evening and found herself alone. She hadn't realized she would miss sharing a house with her little brother after his convalescence. The empty bed and missing her husband she'd gotten used to years before; it made her look forward to the nights when it was shared.

The Nutiket checked on the investigation. There was something wrong with her dead childe's friend and she wasn't going to let it kill him.

And she saw that Darwin was nearly as prodigal as Pierce had been. He had found them, the Abenaki people, and their connection to the Kindred of the colonies.

And that night, her trial by fire and blood and ash, it rushed back to her. Her vision was ringed in red as she told the story for the second time, the story of the night that sent her into the Great Sleep from which Martin had failed to wake her.

And her head cleared for a moment before she sent the whole bloody lot of it. She edited away most of it, leaving only a hint of the horror, along with some names and dates. And the parallels of course. That was what the youngster truly needed uncovered.

The woman went into the kitchen, braiding her hair. The sink was bigger there, easier to catch the ashes. Cutting the braid at the nape of her neck, she was hardly aware that she whispered "never forget you...never", and thought of the past while she prepared to protect the present.
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