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She had the haven to herself, and after the time spent in Boston with His Eminence, it was a relief, like taking her hair down. She slept in the bed, and it felt so empty. Only one-third of her had any trouble with this...

A pathetic young man outside a church. He was average in all respects until he opened his mouth and his voice was the atonal screech of a tree branch on a pane of glass. Girls his age scoffed and hurried away from him. The Serpent in the air watched, knowing this man-child was the same one who had been singing with a voice like an angel in the church choir just a while earlier.

The Serpent knew he had potential. The Others wouldn't see that, but it didn't matter because They weren't here. The Serpent was free for the time being, and She would have to act fast. Dropping toward the earth in a flurry of leathery wings, then fluttering inside the rear door of the church and into a coatroom. Shifting forms. Slipping out of the buckskin dress and into a long black dress. Fumbling with the head piece over her waist-length hair, the band of white around the forehead. Out the front of the church, and coaxing the man-child back into the alley where she made him an offer...

And he took it, because he wanted power, but mostly because he wanted her.

And when she was finished, and he was changed she disrobed shamelessly in front of him, shifted, and fluttered off, screeching laughter in a bat's high pitch.

She woke alone in a blood sweat, slipped off the bed and on to her knees and she began to pray.

"Oh Lord, what have I done that only part of me remembers?"
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